Counselling & Psychotherapy


I work with many different areas. Some of the struggles I have experience in supporting

  • self-esteem and self worth
  • feeling life isn’t satisfying or how you want it but not sure why
  • anger and anger management
  • sadness and feeling stuck
  • overwhelm
  • disordered and chaotic eating
  • difficulty and struggles in personal or professional relationships including repeating unhelpful patterns of behaviour

I also have experience in working with

  • transitions and life changes such as moving location or jobs
  • moving to university or college
  • loss and bereavement
  • becoming a parent, challenges around parenting
  • “empty nest syndrome’
  • menopause
  • looking after elderly parents
  • Therapy can also offer support understanding and accepting the challenges of difficult and competitive career pathways, work relationships and imposter syndrome.

Face to face therapy in London, Oxford or by Zoom with an accredited therapist

Let’s make something better, together