Couples Therapy

I work with couples to understand you, your relationship and what may be causing difficulty.

Sometimes relationships have ‘blips’ and perhaps it’s only a few sessions you need to work through a difficulty. However, sometimes the problem is more entrenched or you’re in crisis and a longer exploration and commitment is needed.
I work with you both to understand and identify the patterns and behaviours you are both bringing into the relationship and whether they are working to nurture and grow the relationship or feel like they are destructive and unhelpful.

Couples therapy is collaborative, helping both individuals to understand themselves and the relationship that they are both contributing to.

I work with couples who are wanting to stay together and those who have decided to separate. Sometimes it is not clear what is possible and we can work to explore and identify how to move forwards.

Being in a relationship can be excruciatingly difficult, painful and frustrating at times and I welcome your courage to find support and the rewards it can bring.
Difficulties in relationships arise from many different areas such as communication, money, betrayal, sex, intimacy, life-changing decisions, parenting and careers.
We all want to feel safe, nurtured and supported in our intimate relationships but sometimes even though we feel we’re doing our best to achieve this, we just don’t seem to be able to get there without help. 

Criticism, contempt, defensiveness and stonewalling behaviours are some of the common blocks to intimacy that I see in my practice. I can help you both understand how you might adopt those patterns and offer real insight and help on starting to undo these and communcating more effectively.
I’m a warm, compassionate therapist and I bring intelligence clarity, challenge and humour to the process. 
I have stood in your shoes and have experience of my own therapy and of couples therapy. This allows me to stand wholeheartedly beside you both in this process.
If you’d like to find out more please contact me.

Face to face therapy in London, Oxford or by Zoom with an accredited therapist

Let’s make something better, together